Episode 2: Slowing Down Media Reactions

Episode 2: Dr. Martinez drifts with the ideas of Kenneth Burke to explain the value of slowing down our reactions to media stories



In this episode, Dr. Martinez explores the ideas of Kenneth Burke.  Burke was a self-taught intellectual of the 20th century.  His ideas are famous among rhetoricians, but he also had a broader influence in many other areas within the humanities and social science.

Dr. Martinez explores Burke’s ideas about what it means to encounter a new idea, found in Burke’s book, Attitudes Towards History” (link needed).

Given the quick pace of media and the ever shifting news cycles of information. If we are to make sense of any one particular news story with thoughtfulness rather than by simply reacting to it unthinkingly, we will need to learn skills of slowing down media reactions.

Kenneth Burke’s ideas about how we can “earn and inheritance” can help use understand what we have to gain from slowing down our reactions to newsfeeds, headlines, and media.  Basically, slowing down our responses is the first step in transforming societal noise into knowledge.