Episode 3: Boobs & Protest

Episode 3: Dr. Martinez drifts into the meaning of protest in a noisy media environment, with special guest Dr. Roberta Chevrette


In this episode, Dr. Roberta Chevrette responds to an observation by Orin Klapp in his book, Overload and Boredom: Essays on the Quality of Life in an Information Society (link needed).

Klapp argues that the more a message is repeated, the more likely it is that its meaning begins to breakdown, to become banal, trivial, and empty.

In an time when news reports about some kind of protest have become a daily occurrence, the question of this podcast is: “has protest lost its shock value?”

What new avenues exist for allowing protest to cut through the media and societal noise?

Dr. Chevrette shares her stories of training and protesting with the international womans movement, FEMEN

FEMEN has been the subject of numerous documentaries and stories on Vice.com and are known for their “sextreme” and shocking forms of protest.