Episode 4: #lovetrumpshate

Episode 4: Dr Martinez explores the meaning of #Lovetrumpshate through Mikhail Bakhtin’s remarks on love

A recent trending movement is the “Love Trumps Hate” movement.  The subject of a recent article found on the website itsgoingdown.org, this movement has come under fire for not being “liberal enough.”

In this podcast, Dr. Martinez explores the meaning behind the idea of “love,” through the observations of Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin

In his book, Towards a Philosophy of the Act, (link needed), Bakhtin briefly observes that love is a way of relating to the world, a way of bringing the manifold eventfulness of others, world, and objects into our focus in a special kind of way.

Riffing off of these ideas, Dr. Martinez explores the meaning of love to respond to the idea that offering love to the opponents of progress is somehow foolish.